Big Changes and Improvements Coming to Alaska Air Cargo

Learn about exciting efforts underway – starting with new, larger freighters and a new technology suite that will improve processes.

Freighter cargo

More Shipping for Alaska

Two additional new 737-800 freighters are joining our fleet. This will almost double our shipping capacity for the state of Alaska. The most fuel-efficient aircraft serving the intra-Alaska market, the 737-800 will be able to fly nonstop from remote Alaska markets to Seattle.

Where Are the Freighters Now?

Modification Design Approved

Boeing Selected to Convert Aircraft

Aircraft Modification

Flight Test

Livery Painting

Prep for Service

First Flight

Unloading Freighter

Greater Capacity

The new 737-800 aircraft provides 40% more capacity per plane and more loading space per departure than our 737-700 fleet, essentially doubling our total freighter capacity.

3x More Containers Per Departure
40% More Capacity Per Plane

Five Freighters in the Fleet

We’ll be able to offer more dedicated cargo flights as our fleet expands to three 737-700s and two 737-800s.

737-700 Freighter
Maximum payload: 40,000 lbs.

737-800 Freighter
Maximum payload: 50,000 lbs.

Five Freighters in the Fleet

Expanded service to Unalakleet is coming in December!

Unalakleet Expanded Service
Mobile Login

New Technology Will Streamline Cargo Operations

Our new full-service cargo management system, iCargo, will improve internal operations and make it easier for our customers to work with us. Unifying many separate technology systems into one seamless system, iCargo will provide an end-to-end view of all cargo activities.


When Will the iCargo System Be Up and Running?

We are on track to launch the new iCargo system in October. That said, software and technology implementations are never perfectly predictable. Please check back often for updates and resources as we get closer to launching this new system. We are committed to regularly communicating about changes and look forward to working together through the transitions.

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